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Custom Murals

Let me help you turn your vision into reality with my exceptional mural painting service. My passion for art and design is reflected in every mural I create, and I find that the process of painting a mural can be both therapeutic and exhilarating. Together, we'll bring your ideas to life and create a masterpiece that will leave you feeling inspired.

Thank Heaven for Little Girl Lucy's Nursery

I had the pleasure of creating a dreamy room for my friend Kay's new baby, Lucy. The room was already painted this wonderful pale blue color and I came in with fluffy clouds and some shadows on two accent walls to create this special space of dreams and serenity for the new mama and baby's first years. Thank heaven for little girls!

Music School Notes

This new piano and arts school needed some love with branded walls to help excite the students creativity. With the light gray walls, I came up with music cord patterns along the hallway the help bring life to the halls.

The Experience is Everything

This fun hand-lettered mural design was a key accent wall to an event agency's new renovated space. This saying is the motto for their brand's purpose to their clients. It was so much fun to create this piece, we even made a time lapse video to capture it.

Transforming Tripwire

This video game company had a need for several different splash of visuals across their 3 story office. An off-beat timeline showcasing their IP releases (games) was created in a landscape environment with silhouettes of each main character interacting in the scene. The infographic was expressly designed to showcase the company's values, and the circular yellow mural was placed above the community kitchen sink to subtly remind the employees of their mission. The weapons wall showcased all of the air-soft prototype guns for their first person shooter games all placed on top of the interface borrowed from the game. The red logo wall was created for the publishing suite floor entrance hall and the immersive underwater mural was created for the conference room. This was quite the project for this creative company!

A School's Bright Bathroom Upgrade

This dated school bathroom needed a desperate overhaul. I painted over the old trees, flowers and falcons that were previously there and brought in two exciting and expressive concepts for each girls' and boys' bathrooms in the 4-5th grade hall.

My Ski Daughter's Dream

My daughter's room was a plain seafoam green. We painted this scene together of her and her dad riding the ski lift to their favorite slopes in Colorado. Everytime she wakes up she can dream of her ski vacations!

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