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Collaborative Community Projects

Here is a glimpse of a few local community projects I have participated in, leading the creative direction and execution for a good cause. 

Chairish the Future ATL - Furniture Bank of Atlanta

Our mission was to create a kid's piece of furniture to auction off for the Chairish the Future gala fundraiser. The proceeds went to The Furniture Bank of Atlanta helping families receive free furniture to help make their house a home. The creative theme we chose was a mash-up named Alice in Candyland and painted famous scenes from the Lewis Carrol's story and classic board game on the kid's table and even brought the chairs to life with the characters from the story (the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat).

Alice in Candyland Table

Mugs on Milton Mural Signage

I was commissioned to create an inviting and welcoming sign for a local mom & pop owned coffee house in downtown Alpharetta. It brought a sense of charm and homeyness to this small town hangout community.

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 10.24.24 AM.png

Alpharetta's Annual Scarecrow Harvest

This scarecrow theme was celebrating the spirit of the new parking police officers that had made a presence on all of the retailers and offices in the community. They have been enforcing timed parking in order to have more flow in the new retail spaces. We used bales of hay as cars and repurposed found items like a pizza pan for his face and added in thrift store finds to create the police uniform and face. 

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